Back in November, you may remember that I visited the Portsmouth Austism Support Network as they prepared their animation and chose bits from the Doyle archive for an exhibition (article here). Well, I am pleased to say that after hours of hard graft from the group, the organisers and everyone involved, the exhibition was a total success!

Held in the John Pounds Centre in Portsmouth, members of PASN introduced their animation to the audience made up of parents, family, friends, local council, Artswork and peers. Here it is:

It’s a great piece of work and the kids were so proud to have their efforts shown in this way, (I helped make the T-Rex, and to be honest, I was pretty chuffed at my contribution too). The exhibition itself was made up of images from the archive on The Lost World and the 1925 film. The group had written a description of each item and their response. If you didn’t get a chance to see it, here are some photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Finally I just want to say a huge well done to everyone involved and a thank you to Laura Weston, Artswork and Strong Island Media for making it possible.

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