I have made the news! I have scored the academic goal of public impact!

Back in April, you may remember, I opened an exhibit in Portsmouth Museum based on the history of Sherlock Holmes fandom. Included in this exhibit were the very exciting 1903 Sherlock Holmes postcards, which are very rare and the discovery of them in the Arthur Conan Doyle Collection was the best moment of my PhD so far. It was such a fantastic find that I was asked to be interviewed by SolentTV, a local TV station, and this was later selected by the BBC for their programme Digital TV. It was also picked up the local newspaper, Portsmouth News. You can find the links below.

As you can imagine this is very exciting! Albeit rather embarrassing to see myself on TV (why is it your voice sounds so completely different on film? Do I really sound like that?) It’s such a fantastic opportunity to show off some of the amazing stuff that’s in the Arthur Conan Doyle Collection (whose website has recently been re-vamped by the way and it’s great! Really worth checking out). If you’re ever in the area, you should take the time and visit the Museum and the collection – both are fantastic.

Interview with Solent TV

Digital Nation (22:13)

Portsmouth News

TV interview.png

As a P.S. to this blog, I’d like to apologise for my lack of posts recently. I’ve had ongoing health issues, which led to a laparoscopy/excision day-surgery at the end of April. At this point was diagnosed with endometriosis. It’s a really common condition that effects 1 in 10 women, but the symptoms can be very frustrating to deal with. Despite that, there should be some more great blog posts coming soon, so watch this space!


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